Atlantic Wellness Group is a New Jersey based Management Services Organization with national delivery capabilities. At the current time AWG operates exclusively in the wellness testing business space. We offer to the event sponsor single site/ single day comprehensive medical screening for as many as 150 participants per site/per day. Or, for larger clients, through joint venture partners, AWG can arrange for long term on-site clinical management and/or an annual program of custom designed screening physicals, secondary diagnostic testing and chronic disease management.

The primary responsibilities of AWG are: 1. marketing the advantages of early disease detection to large organizations, 2. designing the organizationally sponsored events, 3. promoting the event to the eligible class, 4. assembling strategic partners to administer testing, 5.administering on-site the preventive/diagnostic medical testing events and, 5. coordinating the delivery of the test results.

All medical testing is performed by nationally recognized and credentialed strategic partners specializing in a particular discipline of wellness screening and/or "round two" of diagnostic testing.

The purpose of the events is to provide for a defined population, a clinically appropriate panel of medical and laboratory wellness testing. The testing results will create a meaningful profile of the individual's current medical condition. These results may uncover an individual's predisposition to chronic conditions alerting them to the need for early intervention or, other more immediate medical issue requiring immediate medical care.

The participants test results are mailed directly to them. We encourage the participant to take the results to their primary care physician so they can have a comprehensive understanding of the results meaning.

Early treatment for chronic or acute diseases can lead to a higher quality of life for the patient, a better more productive work life and a reduction in future claims intensity, frequency and costs.