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Screening is one of the first steps on the path to good health. Age is not a factor. All of us should have baseline tests to better understand our current health condition. AWG tests can alert you to risk factors so "issues" can be addressed before they develop into a "problem". Be proactive about your health

After registration is completed, it generally takes 50-60 minutes to do the full screening.

Yes. We are HIPPA compliant; your personal health information is kept secure and confidential. All the data collected by Atlantic Wellness is stored in the Amazon cloud.

When you register for testing you will be asked where you want your test results sent. You may choose to have them sent directly to your home address. You may then share the results with your personal physician if you wish. We follow HIPPA Privacy Rules and Medical Test Results are never shared with your Employer, your Medical Health Insurance Provider, or anyone else, unless you specifically request it.

One of our board certified doctors will determine which tests are recommended for you, based upon the personal health history you provide, your family health history and his/her one-on-one meeting with you. You may choose to do all the doctor recommended tests or opt out of some tests. Other than the core tests, we only do the tests you want

Yes, if you make the staff aware of the form when you register and you complete the screening, generally we are able to provide you with the tests needed and provide the physician certification needed.

Yes. As long as your employer allows visitors on site, they pre- register, and they have viable insurance, we welcome you to invite other adults (spouse, parents, adult children, friends, etc.) to come in for testing as well.

No, in fact we encourage you to see your personal physician after you receive all your test results. By providing the results directly to you, you then have the ability to fully review them with your personal doctor, discuss any concerns and take the steps needed to ensure you are on the Path to Good Health.

We are able to provide you with a multitude of tests at one time, one location. Your doctor would need to send you to multiple specialists, over multiple days for you to get all the tests we make available to you.

Your employer, union, church group or association will notify you about upcoming event days and locations. You will be prompted to visit the Atlantic Wellness Company website:

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Appropriate columns are provided in your profile to upload documents, like your insurance card etc.

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Yes. We use secure servers and processes to safe guard your payment information.

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